How to install maven on windows

Basically maven is a build tool used for java projects. I
will explain you how to install maven on windows machine.
Here i assume that JDK is installed on your local machine,
JAVA_HOME windows environment variable is set and JDK bin folder is added to Path windows environment variable.

Please follow the below steps to install maven on windows.

  • Extract on your local machine.
    I extracted it at F:developmentapache-maven-3.0.4.
  • Create MAVEN_HOME environment variable to point maven root
    folder. In my case it is F:developmentapache-maven-3.0.4.
  • Update Path environment variable to add maven bin folder
    so we can use maven command from anywhere.
  • Now we have done with the installation. Now we can check
    maven installation by typing mvn -version on command prompt. You will get
    following output on command prompt.